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A4Q Certified Selenium 4 Tester Foundation

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Laboral: 3 dias | 21 horas

Formação leccionada em inglês.


A Olisipo é a empresa responsável pela divulgação do portfólio formativo da Expleo em Portugal. A Expleo Portugal é ISTQB® Accredited Training Provider e ISTQB® Platinum Partner.

A Expleo Academy faz a preparação e Certificação Oficial de profissionais em ISTQB (Certified Tester Foundation Level; Certified Tester Foundation Level – Agile Extension; Certified Tester Foundation Level Specialist – Automotive Software Tester; Certified Tester Advanced Level, Test Manager, Test Analyst, Technical Test Analyst, Security Tester, Tester Automation Engineer, oferta única em Portugal, reconhecida pela ISTQB – International Software Testing and Qualification Board e pela PSTQB – Associação Portuguesa de Testes de Software.

Selenium is an Open Source Tool for automating web browser/web application testing. Many organizations use proprietary tools from tools vendors that are integrated with Selenium so Selenium skills are very useful.

This course provides a basic foundation to the issues around automation, how to access HTML and XML syntax, coding with Selenium WebDriver and Python or Java, and preparing maintainable test scripts.

This is the accredited Selenium Foundation course as provided by A4Q (Alliance for Qualification) but we also provide you with an online Amazon Web Service instance as your training environment during the course for the exercises.


  • Testers wishing to become test automation specialists.
  • Test automation specialists looking to learn Selenium
  • Agile testers


The business outcome from the course are:

  • Have an understanding of Selenium automation tools
  • Have an understanding of the different TAS that can be implemented using Selenium tools
  • Have an understanding of the underlying web technologies and how they are used on Selenium
  • Adopt the best practices when onboarding Selenium automation projects
  • Understand how to maximize the return on investment for the automation projects


Although it is beneficial that attendees have a coding background (ideally in Python or Java), this is not essential.

Code examples are provided during the course which are available in the training environment for attendees less experienced in Python or Java to access.


1 – Introduction to Test Automation

  • 1.1 Test automation in a nutshell
  • 1.2 Manual testing and test automation
  • 1.3 Test Automation Solutions Design

2 – Automation Web Technologies

  • 2.1 Webpage Architecture
  • 2.2 Document Object Model
  • 2.3 Automation locators
  • 2.3.1 Types of locators
  • 2.4 XPath
  • 2.5 CSS Selector

3 – Selenium Automation Tools

  • 3.1 Overview of Selenium test automation
  • 3.2 Flavors of the Selenium automation tool
  • 3.3 Selenium WebDriver ecosystem
  • 3.4 Selenium 4

4 – Using Selenium WebDriver

  • 4.1 Managing Selenium libraries
  • 4.2 Selenium WebDriver in action
  • 4.3 Selenium GUI interface
  • 4.4 Parallelism of tests
  • 4.5 Machine learning and test automation
  • 4.6 Best practices

5 – Implementation of Test Automation in an organization

  • 5.1 Factors to consider
  • 5.2 Evaluation of efficiency and effectiveness of test automation
  • 5.3 Success Factors

6 – Adapting a Selenium TAS

  • 6.1 Dynamic Variables
  • 6.2 Custom Automation Actions
  • 6.3 Extended verifications

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