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Certified Business Agility Coach

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Nível Avançado | 16 horas | Laboral: 2 dias


Half of the companies from the Fortune 500 twenty years ago are no longer here today.  The average company lifetime in 1970 was close to 60 years; now it’s closer to 30 years. The need for business agility has never been greater, and the rate of change in markets and technology, which is driving that change, is only increasing. Business Agility is about making money in and from a turbulent and intensely competitive business environment. To survive today it takes more than tactical optimisation efforts that reflect an acceptance of the status quo. It requires a strategic approach; one which recognizes the need to confront a new competitive reality and one that challenges what companies ought to be doing – not just doing a better job of what they are already doing. There are two parts to this course; Business Agility and coaching. Business Agility is the creation and distribution of goods and services that are centred on the customer-perceived value of the products. The coaching element of this course looks at how to foster a culture of continued readiness and attention to the constantly changing contexts of customer opportunities. We will look at how to create work environments where people are always ready to learn whatever new things they need to know in order to profit from new opportunities, and aggressively create opportunities for profit and growth. The course is taught by experienced business agility coaches using teaching and facilitation techniques based on the very latest research in brain-based learning.


Business leaders, coaches and change agents. 


In this course we will explore:

  • Techniques for challenging prevailing organisational paradigms
  • Internal and external barriers to business agility
  • Techniques for creating a shared vision and a motivated work force
  • Organisational Patterns for Business Agility
  • Feedback mechanisms to create organisational situational awareness.
  • Portfolio and program prioritisation techniques
  • Balancing the needs of customers, the end users and your employees
  • Complex relationship between business culture and technology


There will be some pre-reading and preparation for this course. Neither Agile Software Development knowledge nor coaching experience is required for this course however a desire to affect change in organisations is a precondition.

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