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Certified Disciplined Agile SCRUM Master (DASM)

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Laboral: 2 dias | 14 horas


The Disciplined Agile course will look at Ways of Working (WoW) and how teams can embrace this using Disciplined agile Methods. You will learn about Agile and Agile ceremonies, the work board, Agile team roles and user stories including estimation using story points. From the basic Agile practices, we will use Lean and continuous ways of working using Disciplined Agile Methods This workshop is recommended for all team members new to Agile.


  • The values, principles, and practices of what it means to work in an agile and lean way
  • How to deliver value in increments using an iterative way of working
  • How to translate traditional requirements to a more lightweight user story format, and how to estimate them
  • The purpose the agile work board serves, and how it helps you build transparency and trust inside your organisation
  • How continuous flow and lean differs from an iterative way of working, and when and how it is a better fit
  • The value of limiting work in progress and strategies to minimise waste and optimise the whole system


This is a course that is beneficial for those who are new or have just entered the world of Agile and Disciplined Agile Methods. It may be of particular benefit to those who have multiple years of management experience and are looking to embrace a method of agile continuous delivery. This is a course that can be customised to reflect the experiences and levels of participants.


Day One

  • Going from traditional development to basic iterative development and value delivery
  • Introduction to the basic agile, iterative way of working
  • Benefits of and how to visualise your work
  • Disciplined Agile using:
    • Agile Frameworks
    • Lean Frameworks
    • Continuous Delivery Frameworks
    • Program Frameworks
  • Roles and responsibilities on an agile team
  • What is the role of the Project Manager in Disciplined Agile

Day Two

  • The Disciplined Agile manifesto
  • Principles and practices of a lean way of working
  • Scaling Projects using Disciplined Agile
  • Choosing you Way of Working (WoW)
  • Case-Study on WoW and Continuous Improvement

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