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Certified Disciplined Agile Senior Scrum Master DASSM

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Laboral: 2 dias | 14 horas


A Olisipo é a empresa responsável pela divulgação do portfólio formativo da Expleo em Portugal. A Expleo Portugal é ISTQB® Accredited Training Provider e ISTQB® Platinum Partner.


The course is based on the Choose your WoW A Disciplined Agile Delivery Handbook. It will look at concepts such as eliminating waste, cost of delay, quality, rapid feedback and response, and the role of management. It also covers all aspects of Disciplined Agile. The training provides the tools and strategies to help you lead an agile team, influence people, and find solutions to delivery challenges quickly.


  • Discover the elements and scope of Disciplined Agile and understand the full range of business agility
  • Learn how to organise people into agile teams and understand where you fit into an agile team or organisation
  • Organise the flow of work within a team and across teams and learn how teams can work differently yet still be governed consistently
  • Learn how to lead your team through a tailoring workshop to identify their initial way of working (WoW)
  • Select the best-fit lifecycle for your team and choose the Disciplined Agile goal diagrams that are most relevant to your team’s situation


This Disciplined Agile Senior Scrum Master certification is appropriate for Leaders who are considering DA for their teams and wants to get a better understanding of an agnostic agile approach to scaling agile across the business. Anyone who needs to lead an Agile or Lean team in an enterprise environment should think of this course.


Familiarity with the Agile Manifesto and Agile projects would be helpful. Therefore, prior completion of a course such as the ICAgile Certified Agile Fundamentals or the Certified Disciplined Agile Scrum Master would be recommended.


Day One – Disciplined Agile Foundations

  • The Disciplined Agile Mindset
    • The seven principles of DA
    • The Disciplined Agile Manifesto
  • Overview of Disciplined Agile
    • Layers of organisational agility
    • Lifecycles – Team and value stream (DA FLEX)
    • Goal diagrams – How to read and how to use
    • Complex adaptive systems
  • People and Teams
    • Roles and responsibilities
    • Team structures
  • Team Agility
    • Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD)
    • Agile business teams
    • Agile service teams
  • Organisational agility
    • Value streams
    • Disciplined DevOps
    • Disciplined Agile IT (DAIT)
    • Disciplined Agile Enterprise (DAE)
    • Disciplined Agile FLEX
  • Lean Governance

Day Two – Choosing Your WoW (Way of Working)

  • Getting started and familiar with the Process Tool
  • DA principles and complex adaptive systems (CAS)
  • Five steps to choosing your team’s way of working (WoW)
  • Analyse the context
  • Select best-fit lifecycle
  • Connect the dots
  • Make some choices
  • Guided continuous improvement
  • Working through scenario 1 using the five steps of choosing your team’s WoW
  • Working through scenario 2 using the five steps of choosing your team’s WoW

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