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COBIT® 2019 Foundation Bridge

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Effective governance over information and technology is critical to business success, and this new release further cements COBIT’s continuing role as an important driver of innovation and business transformation.

COBIT 2019 is an evolution of the previous version, COBIT 5, building on its solid foundation by adding the latest developments affecting enterprise information and technology. But that’s not the whole story. In addition to the updated framework, COBIT now offers more implementation resources, practical guidance and insights, as well as comprehensive training opportunities. COBIT 2019 helps enterprises govern information and technology regardless of where it lives. This training and certification program is the express route for COBIT 5 Foundation certificate holder to become a COBIT 2019 certified professional. Student will gain the COBIT 2019 Foundation certificate by passing the COBIT 2019 Bridge exam. Bridge training and study contents cut out the bulk of elements you are already familiar with having studied for COBIT 5 Foundation. Training for the Bridge exam means you only have to study the new elements to the latest COBIT framework.


  • The comparisons between the COBIT 5 and COBIT 2019 frameworks
  • The updated COBIT principles for establishing an effective governance system framework:
  • Governance and management objectives
  • Components of the governance system
  • Focus areas & Design factors
  • The updated COBIT goals cascade and how it compares with COBIT 5
  • Designing a tailored governance system for an organization using COBIT
  • The key points of the COBIT business case
  • How COBIT aligns with other applicable frameworks, standards and bodies of knowledge


1. Framework introduction
2. Principles
3. Governance Systems and Components
4. Governance and Management Objectives
5. Performance Management
6. Designing a Tailored Governance System
7. The COBIT Business Case
8. Implementing Enterprise Governance Over IT


The COBIT 5 Foundation certificate – issued by the ISACA-approved Accreditation Bodies, APMG and PeopleCert.

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