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FLOW Ambassador – Excelling at Business Agility Masterclass

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2 dias


The FLOW Ambassador masterclass is a two-day journey into how to create value quickly and continuously. It provides you with the tools to deliver value to your customers in new ways. It promotes value-seeking behaviour rather than a culture of rules. It helps build multidisciplinary and autonomous teams that are capable of designing the right way to do the right work at the right time. FLOW is business agility defined. It is not a methodology it is a philosophy and light framework for bringing change.


  • Change Makers
  • Business Mavericks
  • Innovation Activists
  • Leaders


FLOW is a post-agile way of working. It guides people by using a strong set of values and a few simple and easily acquired methods for work design and collaboration. Using social psychology, new work design tools and everyday common sense language and principles rather than a set of rules, FLOW provides you with autonomous employees who will obsess over value for you.

The FLOW Excelling at Business Agility course is a primer on how to work collaboratively in multidisciplinary teams that can be trusted with creative, empowered decision-making.

The course has a limited but important set of objectives.

  • Learn the tools for a genuinely authentic customer-centric approach to business value
  • Understand new ways to create value and take waste out of the work pipeline
  • Practice working in a visual and accountable environment shaped by clear (value) goal setting at all levels of the organisation
  • Practice working in multi-disciplinary teams
  • Understanding critical market dynamics, why they force us to change the way we work and how they should influence the design of new services
  • Learn how to accelerate the cadence of work


Proficiency in and familiarity with Agile Projects is very desirable. It is essential that you take the time to read the following short books before attending the course:

  1. 12 Steps to FLOW by Haydn Shaughnessy and Fin Goulding
  2. FLOW: A Handbook for Change Makers, Mavericks, Innovation Activists and leaders by Fin Goulding and Haydn Shaughnessy

Having read the books you will be fully prepared to properly immerse yourself in the masterclass activities and discussions and gain full benefit from your involvement.


Module 1:

  • Build an understanding of the problems internationally trading companies face
  • Recognise the new importance of customer success
  • Explore the limitations of existing methods

Module 2: Introduction to FLOW

  • Recognise the key elements of FLOW
  • Recognising the framework

Module 3: The Importance of Visualisation in FLOW

  • Recognise the importance of visualisation
  • Build a critical non-essential Wall

Module 4: Visualising Work Design Around Customer Success

  • Understanding authentic customer success factors beyond customer satisfaction scoring
  • Understanding how relationships with customers shape work design
  • Practising how to design innovation around customer success and visualisation
  • Create your own Customer Innovation Wall
  • Practice identifying FLOW customer success factors

Module 5: From Hierarchy to Relationships

  • Understanding the importance of social interaction and fairness
  • Understand the concept of flexibility
  • Create Your Own Thank You Wall

Module 6: Creating Value with CATE

  • Recognising the importance of business ecosystems
  • Practice a value-driven innovation method

Module 7: Setting FLOW Goals from Insights

  • Recognise the meaning of FLOW “Goals”
  • Use goals to define areas of work
  • Understanding the importance of FLOW value-thinking in work design

Module 8: Ensuring Value in Work Breakdown Through Goal Setting

  • Recognising that FLOW work design integrates with other ways of working
  • Understand the role of descaling
  • Recognising the importance of multidisciplinary teams and multidisciplinary people

Module 9: Implementing FLOW

  • Understanding how one might start a FLOW Ambassador role
  • Understand the ecosystems of support
  • Understanding how to create a plan to get certified

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