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ISTQB® Foundation Level Specialist – Performance Testing

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Laboral: 3 dias


The Foundation Level Performance Testing qualification is aimed at people who already hold the Software Testing Foundation and wish to develop further their expertise in Performance Testing.


Certified Foundation Performance Testers should be able to demonstrate their skills in the following areas:

  • Understand the principles of performance testing.
  • Recognize the different types of performance testing.
  • Recall testing types in performance testing.
  • Understand the concept of load generation.
  • Give examples of common failure modes of performance testing and their causes.
  • Understand the typical metrics collected in performance testing.
  • Explain why results from performance testing are aggregated.
  • Understand the key sources of performance metrics.
  • Recall the typical results of a performance test.
  • Understand the principal performance testing activities.
  • Explain typical categories of performance risks for different architectures.
  • Analyze performance risks for a given product across the software development lifecycle.
  • Analyze a given project to determine the appropriate performance testing activities for each phase of the software lifecycle.
  • Derive performance test objectives from relevant information.
  • Outline a performance test plan which considers the performance test objectives for a given project.
  • Create a presentation that enables various stakeholders to understand the rationale behind the planned performance testing.
  • Give examples of typical protocols encountered in performance testing.
  • Understand the concept of transactions in performance testing.
  • Analyze operational profiles for system usage.
  • Create load profiles derived from operational profiles for given performance objectives.
  • Analyze throughput and concurrency when developing performance tests.
  • Understand the basic structure of a performance test script.
  • Implement performance test scripts consistent with the plan and load profiles.
  • Understand the activities involved in preparing for performance test execution.
  • Understand the principal activities in running performance test scripts.
  • Analyze and report performance test results and implications.
  • Understand how tools support performance testing.
  • Evaluate the suitability of performance testing tools in a given project scenario.


ISTQB Performance Testing

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