Object-Oriented Analysis & Design using UML

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Em pré-inscrição. Entre em contacto para obter mais informações.

Nível Intermédio | 35 horas | Laboral: 5 dias | Pós-Laboral: 10 dias


This Object-Oriented Analysis and Design & UML training teaches you how to effectively use object-oriented technologies and software modeling as applied to a software development process.


  • Java Developers
  • Java EE Developers
  • System Analysts
  • Application Developers


  • Describe the object-oriented software development process, including object-oriented methodologies and workflows
  • Gather system requirements through interviews with stakeholders
  • Analyze system requirements to determine the use cases and domain model of the problem domain (the Requirements model)
  • Create a system architecture (the Architecture model) supporting the nonfunctional requirements (NFRs) and development constraints
  • Create a system design (the Solution model) supporting the functional requirements (FRs)


To ensure your success in this course you should have the following requirements:
  • Understand object-oriented concepts and methodology
  • Demonstrate a general understanding of programming, preferably using the Java programming language
  • Understand the fundamentals of the systems development processlimited to, firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, and virtual private networks (VPNs).


  1. Examining Object-Oriented Concepts and Terminology
  2. Introducing Modeling and the Software Development Process
  3. Creating Use Case Diagrams
  4. Creating Use Case Scenarios and Forms
  5. Creating Activity Diagrams
  6. Determining the Key Abstractions
  7. Constructing the Problem Domain Model
  8. Transitioning from Analysis to Design using Interaction Diagrams
  9. Modeling Object State Using State Machine Diagrams
  10. Applying Design Patterns to the Design Model
  11. Introducing Architectural Concepts and Diagrams
  12. Introducing the Architectural Tiers
  13. Refining the Class Design Model
  14. Overview of Software Development Processes
  15. Overview of Frameworks

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