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Psychology of Communication Intelligence

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Laboral: 2 dias


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We all differ in our communication approach and by understanding that we can alter our communication to improve our effectiveness.

In newly published research, LinkedIn analyzed skills shortages based on data from member profiles and job postings. “Communications is the No. 1 skills gap.”, Jeff Weiner told CNBC.

In this new more virtual world, communication has moved from very important to critical. In this new way of living and remote working it is critical that you  both get the attention and keep the attention, of your audience, otherwise 1 click and you become a podcast or just a silent movie.

The collaborative learning environment offers opportunities to learn from interactions with co-attendees, apply newly learnt perspectives on effective communication to make yourself, your team and the company perform optimally.


On completion of this training, attendees will be able to:

  • Understand how people differ in what they communicate.
  • Understand how people differ in how they communicate.
  • Understand their own tendency in communication and how to improve.
  • Apply the above in every interaction and communication.
  • Relate learnings to their own context and experience and identify areas for individual growth.
  • Improve communication to increase effectiveness of any person in any situation.


There are no prerequisites.

Attendees are advised that the course is designed to facilitate continuous learning cycles. Attendees will be expected to prepare for each training session by completing short pre-training tasks to support their own learning.


Communication background

  • Communication –  a core skill
  • Communication as a strategic driver
  • Communication in a more online world
  • Trends in modern communication

Communication Styles

  • Left vs right brain
  • Issues with the left and right brain
  • The communication styles background
  • The communication styles framework
  • Communication Styles Characteristics
  • Making the Communication Styles practical
  • Applying resonance in the communication styles
  • Saying no to scope creep
  • Addressing a problem

Communication Behaviours

  • Communication behaviours background
  • Focus on yourself vs focus on others
  • Communication behaviours descriptors
  • Making the communication behaviours practical
  • When to apply the communication behaviours
  • Negative consequences of the different communication behaviours
  • Tactics to apply if you display too much of a specific communication behaviour

Profile debrief

  • Principles of the profile
  • Statistics from the database
    • Country comparisons
    • Age comparison
  • Profile scoring
  • Experiments done with the profile
  • Profile debrief


  • How people listen
  • Questioning types
  • Assumptions
  • Tips on listening
  • Keywords and summarizing
  • Communication behaviours in listening
  • Communication styles in listening


  • Trust impact
  • Trust elements
  • Trust advice for the different Communication behaviours
  • Trust advice for the different Communication styles

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