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SQL Fundamentals

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Nível Iniciado | 1 dia | 7 horas


A Olisipo é a empresa responsável pela divulgação do portfólio formativo da Expleo em Portugal. A Expleo Portugal é ISTQB® Accredited Training Provider e ISTQB® Platinum Partner.


A one day course that aims to teach beginners how to use the SQL programming language to query a database for testing purposes. The SQL taught in this course is independent of any database management system and can be used on Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and other database management systems.

After completing this SQL course, delegates will have a good understanding of basic techniques pertaining to SQL (Structured Query Language), allowing testers to design additional tests and gain a deeper understanding of the application they are testing.

Testers are often called upon to verify the data outputs of applications, this requires knowledge of databases and the ability to interact with the database to verify the data. SQL Skills will benefit both functional and non-functional testers.


Test Managers, Developers, Functional Testers, Agile Testers, Test Automation Specialists, Performance Test Specialists


Upon completion of this course, attendees will be able to:

  • Know the different database management systems in the market place (E.g. Oracle, SQL Server)
  • Have an understanding of different types of databases.
  • Understand the basic structure of a database specifically for relational databases.
  • Be able to do a basic select statement.
  • Understand how to do basic calculations as part of the select statement.
  • Know how to create aliases in a select statement
  • Be able to expand the select statement to find specific data on the tables using the where clause.
  • Understand how to select data from different tables in one select statement


There are no specific prerequisites for this SQL course.


What is SQL ?

  • What is a database ?
  • Types of databases
  • What is a logical data model?
  • What is relational data model?
  • Keys
  • Primary Keys
  • Foreign Keys
  • Common Data Types
  • Example of a relational data mode

Normalisation and Database design

  • Description of Normalisation
  • First, second and third Normal Forms
  • Other Normalisation Forms

The SELECT Statement

  • Basic SELECT
  • Select DISTINCT
  • Select with formulas/calculations
  • Other

Joins and other keywords

  • Outer Joins
  • Inner Join
  • Full Join
  • Group By Clause
  • Having Clause

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