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Change Management Fundamentals

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This is an introduction course to give attendees a level of knowledge and understanding about what Change Management is, including key concepts about its background, selected core principles, terms and some of the basic change models. It can be used as change management overview or as a stepping stone course on the learning path to become an accredited change management professional.


  • Programme/Project Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Senior business stakeholders
  • Change Agent Network
  • Anyone interested in acquiring an understanding of Change Management


On completion of this course, attendees will be able to:

  • Understand what change management is and how it can contribute towards improved business outcomes
  • Recall the principles for managing change using some of the change models and describe how they relate to organisational change management
  • Describe what the key roles are in a change initiatives and their place in the change lifecycle
  • Recall some methods to identify stakeholders and how this can be helpful in forming strategies to manage them
  • Describe what is involved in assessing an organisation’s readiness to change
  • Understand what is meant by resistence to change and recall some common types
  • Recognise the ingredients to create a change management plan


There are no real pre-requisites to this course but it is recommended that attendees have 2-5 years business experience.


1.    Introduction to Change Management

  • Why change management is important
  • What is impacting the speed of change
  • Why change initiatives fail

2.    Fundamentals of change and change management

  • Change Vs transition
  • The change curve
  • Change models
  • Types of change

3.    Understanding who is involved

  • Change lifecycle and key roles
  • Stakeholders – identifying and managing them
  • Sponsor – what makes a good one
  • Line Managers – why they are so important
  • Change Agent Network – what is this

4.    Practical change fundamentals

  • Change readiness
  • Key role of communications
  • Introduction to resistance
  • The Change Management Plan

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